"Antonella Carlevaro Jewelry "reflects a passion for beauty, style, and elegance, combined with a creative edge and an understanding of the metal's aesthetics. 

Our jewelry is made of 18-karat gold (750/1000) with its prepared alloy from recycled pure gold, to create the color and finish of choice.  At request, we customize our pieces setting stones and diamond pave' and adding details in white and red gold in a made to order design with unique specifications. Our jewelry is hallmarked with the goldsmith official business number and the 18-karat gold mark (750), as per Made in Italy requirement.

Our commitment to uncompromised quality and the exceptional technical skills of our master goldsmiths, who work with dedication and passion, ensure the pieces' superior standards; our jewelry is appreciated and sought after for the elegant style and craftsmanship value.

We believe in exquisite craftsmanship and quality, and we think fine jewelry made by hand with love conveys a passion for beautiful things and the history and traditions behind their making.

Colore Collection
Contrasto Collection
Mare Collection
Natura Collection
Oro Collection
Portofino Collection